Above 75 years old family distributors. Started with two items K.T. Brand patrawallies & Dona. Only KT Brand Patarawalli (Leaf) are use in Wedding Pujas, Temples (Worship place for Hindus), Gurudwaras (Worship place for Sikhs) etc. And in Hotel Parcel like Bhaji, Dahi, Sweets,& Counter, Panipuri, Kachori, Samosa & Dosa (small) this environment friendly throw away item (Leaf & Dona). Suppliers to hotels, gurudwaras, retails outlets, temples.

Today the world is facing lot of environmental issues that lead to lot of damage to human and animal life. These are majorly caused due to human craze or human errors. Environmental damage comes in various forms

- Climate
- Forests (De-forestation)
- Seas (Dumping)
- Genetic Engineering
- Plastics

All these are gradually making the world a unworthy place to survive.
Our company is working towards creating environment friendly replacements to plastic plates. Plastic is a major concern to the world and research is being done towards replacing this menace.

Our leaf plates are made of dried, naturally fallen leafves from jungles. For modern use these are contoured using machines for better usability.

We at KT feel that usage of these plates as substitute for plastic plates will help in building a better environment around us for us and our children to survive.