Above 75 years old family distributors. Started with two items K.T. Brand patrawallies & Dona. Only KT Brand Patarawalli (Leaf) are use in Wedding Pujas, Temples (Worship place for Hindus), Gurudwaras (Worship place for Sikhs) etc. And in Hotel Parcel like Bhaji, Dahi, Sweets,& Counter, Panipuri, Kachori, Samosa & Dosa (small) this environment friendly throw away item (Leaf & Dona). Suppliers to hotels, gurudwaras, retails outlets, temples.

Characteristics of Our Products:

1. Environment Friendly - 80% Biodegradable and Compostable.
2. KT brand Patrawallies, Leaf Plates and Dona made with leaves from forest.
3. Source of income for Rural Villages.
4. Mix of technology with ancient art.
5. Mix of pattrawallies, plates, and donas.
6. Natural feeling while eating in these plates, donas
7. Light weight and easy to store.